Tough on Crime

  • Advocate on a Provincial and Federal level for tougher conditions upon release from prison
  • Support at a Municipal level with RCMP funding, specifically to increase staffing levels
  • Bylaws to support RCMP and security companies
  • Accountability in regards to investigating serious crimes and the allocation of manpower
    • Missing people, homicide, aggravated violence, etc.
  • Liaison with Fraser Health to reduce the incidence of dirty needles improperly disposed of
    • Sharp receptacles
    • Liaison with private businesses to place sharp receptacles in high problem areas
      • 5 Corners / Court House / Salish Plaza
  • Working with the RCMP to establish transparent and accountable policing
  • Improving RCMP response times
  • Upholding a close working relationship with the RCMP
  • Increase opportunities for civic participation with non-commissioned staff (auxiliary officers)
  • Continued support for restorative justice programs to keep youth accountable for their actions
  • To strengthen protections for vulnerable populations
    • LGBTQ+, homeless, children, seniors

Below is almost my full speech at Vigil for the Missing / Murdered / and those lost in addictions.

I respectfully ask for your vote Oct 20th
Brigida Crosbie

This October, Vote for Change in Chilliwack

My hope is that when people talk about me they say, that I have revitalized the faith in ourselves and in each other and that I offer a vibrant energy of endless possibilities.