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1 years ago

Brigida CROSBIE - VOTE for Mayor of Chilliwack

If we choose - we can live in a world of comforting illusion.
Live your life in the service of others - always treat people with dignity - concern and love

Start by doing what is necessary, then what's possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

Where there is charity and wisdom - there is neither fear nor ignorance.

The idea that some lives matter less, is the root cause of all that is wrong in this world.

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2 years ago

Brigida CROSBIE - VOTE for Mayor of Chilliwack

Brigida CROSBIE - VOTE for Mayor of Chilliwack ...

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Why aren't Seniors getting the Mental Health they need?

A Distress Line = for seniors and people with disabilities that have been abused, neglected and who are suicidal.

Please Call - Community Angels - 604-799-2371

Helping our elderly with suicide prevention and grief - related services.

Promoting Emotional Health and Preventing Suicide. This service has been successful in building a safe, healthy and stronger community.

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COMMUNITY ANGELS - Taking steps to reduce senior isolation.

Realizing that more and more seniors are at risk of becoming elder orphans.

It is an inter-generational program bringing young children and seniors together.

Lonely seniors are 59% more likely to decline both physically and mentally, than their more social counterparts.

If you know a senior or person with disabilities please call Community Angels to see how we can help.

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I am collecting NEW socks for those that are Homeless / Seniors / Low Income / people with disabilities.

I volunteer my time in Chilliwack and in Abbotsford with my company Community Angels to do foot care for those above for FREE.

Many do not have the money for proper foot care or socks or creams and many are Diabetic or have other medical conditions, so I am reaching out to our community and the community of Abbotsford to please help and open your hearts to those in need.

Please private message and you can drop off or I will pick up. XO

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2 years ago

Brigida CROSBIE - VOTE for Mayor of Chilliwack

I am no longer accepting the things I can not change,
I am changing the things I can no longer accept!

If you dream of peace around you.. then bring peace to others..
If you want kindness.. offer kindness to others..

When the power of love over comes the love of power, the world will know peace.

Always choose to heal not to hurt. To forgive, not to despise. To persevere, not to quit. To smile, not to frown and to love, not to hate!

At the end of life, what really matters is not what we bought, but what we built. Not what we got, but what we shared. Not our competence, but our character and not our success but our significance.

Don't worry about the haters... they are only angry because the truth you speak, contradicts the lie they live. Insecure people try and make you feel smaller.. confident people try to make you feel taller..and they must learn a new way to think, before they can master a new way to be. There Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.

Be weary of any belief or ideology that promotes division between you and your fellow human beings.XO

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Be the light for those who live in darkness...
Show them what it means to love xo

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2 years ago

Brigida CROSBIE - VOTE for Mayor of Chilliwack

Brigida CROSBIE - VOTE for Mayor of Chilliwack's cover photo ...

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2 years ago

Brigida CROSBIE - VOTE for Mayor of Chilliwack

Brigida CROSBIE - VOTE for Mayor of Chilliwack ...

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The best apology is changed behaviour xo ...

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2 years ago

David M Isaacson

I voted for you …. ...

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2 years ago

Brigida CROSBIE - VOTE for Mayor of Chilliwack

Brigida CROSBIE - VOTE for Mayor of Chilliwack ...

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2 years ago

Brigida CROSBIE - VOTE for Mayor of Chilliwack

Brigida CROSBIE - VOTE for Mayor of Chilliwack's cover photo ...

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In honour of Shawnee Inyallie and her family and friends and ALL Aboriginal women across this country, I post this today.

My friend Carl Hird-Rutter has thought about the missing and murdered Aboriginal Women in Canada.

HE decided to make a piece of art to make others more aware of what was happening on our streets.

Although he is not First Nations and he does not mean to disrespect anyone he did this in a North West Style

" I always think of the owl as being a guardian or a watcher of the woods. The red ribbon on the body of the owl represents a ribbon or awareness The white heart depicts the love of the lost women. The tear is self explanatory and the faces on the wings represent the missing women. The three black symbols on the breast of the owl are hands together praying for safety and return. I hope to carve this sometime in the future. "

My thoughts and prayers go out to Shawnee's family / friends and to ALL the missing and murdered women across Canada.

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I'm not afraid the world will end in 2030.
I am afraid that the world will continue without changing!

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Who is accountable ? When our own Federal / Provincial and Municipal Governments don't remember the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms for ALL people.

People with Disabilities, Seniors and Veterans all suffer!! They are 1/2 our population and some of our most vulnerable people and should be treated and have the same rights and opportunities as all human beings!

Stand up for change! Use your voice for good!

Don't discriminate. One day, the struggle will be yours. XO

Disability Charities can’t advocate. So, the disabled must advocate.

Urgent Need to Strengthen Bill C-81 - Accessible Canada Act

#BillC81 #CRPD #HumanRights #cdnsen #HUMA #cndpoli #CdnElxn19 #lpc #ndp #cpc #BCDisabilityCaucusBill C 81 has been returned to the house (November 19th) following the adoption of amendments. I assume that those amendments are only those made prior to the committee concluding its business. So, the letter from disabled Canadians calling for amendments has been ignored

Bill C-81 is a bad bill that fails disabled Canadians.

Urgent Need to Strengthen Bill C-81 - Accessible Canada Act

{Image: symbolic of the need for stronger rights legislation for disabled Canadians. Young man in wheelchair lowering himself down a long flight of stairs by holding onto a handrail}.

Note: the government must ratify the 'Optional Protocol' to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) regardless of Bill C-81.

Bill C-81 must be enabling legislation for all of the articles of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)

(The cost of giving us our rights? Canadian public social spending among the lowest among industrialized countries even lower than the US).

BC Disability Caucus

Urgent Need to Strengthen Bill C-81 - Accessible Canada Act

We the undersigned commend the Federal Government for committing to enact national accessibility legislation. As provincial and national disability rights organizations, we write to express significant concerns regarding Bill C-81. The following highlights our key concerns and reflects the concerns raised by our communities before the HUMA Committee. Amendments are essential to effectively remedy these concerns.

1. Bill C-81 requires timelines. Timelines are essential to ensure that key accessibility measures are taken. Timelines are also required so that progress on accessibility can be measured. In particular, we support recommendations for the Bill to include a timeline for achieving a Canada without barriers, and timelines by which accessibility standards are developed and enacted into law. Timelines are also needed for establishing the infrastructure necessary to implement the Bill.

2. Bill C-81 imposes no duty on Government to use the powers available in the Bill. We support recommendations to change the word may to shall to ensure that the Government implements key steps for achieving accessibility.

3. Bill C-81 requires federally-regulated organizations to establish accessibility plans. However, the Bill does not require these to be good plans. It does not require an organization to implement its accessibility plan.

4. Bill C-81 wrongly splinters the power to make accessibility standards (regulations) and the power to enforce the Bill across numerous Federal agencies. This splintering will make the Bill's implementation and enforcement less effective, more confusing, more complicated, more costly, and will increase delay.

5. Bill C-81 wrongly gives the Federal Government and various federal agencies the sweeping, unjustified and unaccountable power to exempt organizations from a number of important accessibility obligations. The Government can even exempt itself.

6. The Bill does not require the Federal Government to use its readily-available power to ensure that federal money is never used by any recipient to create or perpetuate barriers. The Bill must be amended to leverage the federal spending power, in order to promote accessibility.

7. The Federal Government is the largest organization that will have to obey this legislation. Therefore, the key federal agencies that will develop accessibility standards, oversee and enforce this legislation must be independent of the Federal Government. Under the Bill, they are not. They all report to the Federal Government. We support recommendations for amendments to ensure that CASDO, the Accessibility Commissioner and other key agencies are sufficiently independent.

8. Bill C-81 does not sufficiently address barriers created by poverty and intersectional discrimination. Nor does it address the unique barriers experienced by Indigenous and First Nations persons with disabilities.

9. Bill C-81 does not recognize ASL/lsq as the official languages of people who are Deaf.

We believe that if these priority changes are made, among the amendments to Bill C-81, this Bill has the potential to truly advance accessibility and inclusion of persons with disabilities in Canada. We ask that the Bill be amended to address the concerns and objectives outlined above. These amendments are indispensable to ensure that the Bill achieves its purpose and potential.

In Solidarity,

BC Disability Caucus
Canadian Association of Professionals with Disabilities
Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD)
Communication Disabilities Access Canada (CDAC)
In addition to the concerns outlined in this open letter, CDAC recommends that Bill C-81 address communication as a domain across all federal jurisdictions and includes the needs of people with speech and language disabilities. ARCH, CCD and other disability organizations support CDAC's recommendations.
Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL)
National Network for Mental Health (NNMH)
Independent Living Canada (ILC)
March of Dimes Canada
Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB)
Barrier Free Canada - Canada sans Barrieres
Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians (AEBC)
People First of Canada
AODA Alliance
ARCH Disability Law Centre
Quebec Accessible
Views for the Visually Impaired
Physicians of Ontario Neurodevelopmental Advocacy (PONDA)
Unitarian Commons Co-Housing Corporation
Citizens with Disabilities Ontario (CWDO)
Community Living Ontario (CLO)
Barrier-Free Manitoba
Regroupement des associations de personnes Handicapees de l'Outaouais (RAPHO)
Barrier Free Saskatchewan
DeafBlind Ontario Services
Community Living Toronto (CLT)
Ontario Autism Coalition
Confederation des organismes de personnes handicapees du Quebec (COPHAN)
Canadian Multicultural Disability Centre, Inc. (CMDCI)
Community Legal Assistance Society (CLAS)
Northwest Territories Council for Disability
Voice of Albertans with Disabilities
North Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre Inc.
Older Women's Network
Centre for Independent Living in Toronto
Ontario Disability Coalition


We're very passionate about this

PLEASE tell government of the 'Urgent Need to Strengthen Bill C-81 - Accessible Canada Act'

SHARE this post & help us reach disabled Canadians directly affected

Visit us?


#CRPD #BillC81 #CdnPoli #BCPoli #OntPoli #SenCA #canpoli #ndp #cpc #ptlib #pttory #ptndp #ptgreen #ptbloc #lpc #cdnsen #crtc #goc #HUMA #onpoli #nlpoli #assnat #qcpoli #mbpoli #nspoli #skpoli #polqc #abpoli #ableg

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Good morning everyone. This girl is spending her day in a Mental Health First Aid course geared towards Veterans at The Coast Hotel today and tomorrow.

Looking forward to a fabulous day of learning!!

Rock your day!!!

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This is what I received tonight. The Homeless are being targeted by people throwing fire crackers at them in Chilliwack!!!


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Good morning..

This song is about the power of coming together as one, to make change and standing together to help improve the world we live in

Have an awesome day !

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Please donate Warm clothing / blankets / socks / boots for those in need that are low income and struggling.

I will pick up if you can not drop off .
Brigida Crosbie

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2 years ago

Tyanna Maddalena Melillo

Vote 'Em Out! Willie Nelson LIVE with Beto in Austin, TX 9/29/18 ...

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My name is Brigida Crosbie

It is a particular honour for me, because let's face it, My presence on this stage is pretty unlikely.

I grew up in Poverty and was placed in the Ontario Children's Agency. Given back to my mother at the age of 3, I grew up in an alcoholic household with blood on the walls and very little food and a father in prison for most of childhood.

and today… I would like to encourage all those ( adults and children ) who have had a difficult journey to believe in yourself and in your dreams… and to realize that YOU are much more than what is in front of you and to always follow your dreams to make this world a better place for ALL people!


I am the CEO and Founder of Cheeki Cherry .

I have worked extensively to promote topics such as social justice, equality, international human rights, sexual and gender based violence, LGBTQ equal rights, women’s rights, domestic and family abuse.

I am also the Owner of Community Angels - Home Care and Community Support Services. ( With an office in Chilliwack and in Hope B.C. )

Which assures that every senior citizen and persons with disabilities has equal access to affordable home care regardless of their financial state.

I serve as the director of

A DISTRESS Line = for seniors and people with disabilities that have been abused, neglected and who are suicidal.

and for the

YOU'RE NOT ALONE PROGRAM - Realizing that more and more seniors are at risk of becoming elder orphans.
It is an inter-generational program bringing young children and seniors together.

I am the founder of the " Vigil of Hope " for the Missing and Murdered women, bringing families / friends together for a night of healing.

At the age of 17 - I graduated from The Nursing Program in Toronto and I have worked for Fraser Health for 32 years.

I have sat on the Board of directors for the Autism Society in Vancouver and on the Board of Directors for B.C. Special Olympics - Chilliwack as their fundraiser.


I volunteer my time on the streets in Chilliwack and at Hearthstone place in Abbotsford doing foot care for the homeless. I work very closely with those homeless and on our streets in Chilliwack, going out 3-4 times a week at night .. I have made flyers on how to stay safe and with my own personal cell phone number for anyone to call if they are in danger and I will pick them up at anytime..

This City has a responsibility to it's citizens.. all citizens.. seniors and those with disabilities included..!!!

Always stand for those suffering.. Respect seniors for they have wisdom. The Homeless for they need compassion, empathy and teach us to have a kind heart. Those who are Low Income for they teach us to love each other and to help each other... People with Disabilities for they show us true strength and teach us how to laugh from our souls. People with Mental Illness for they for they teach us to use our voice for good and not to perpetuate stigma and hate.

WE can not grow further apart

It’s time to change the tone of our politics..

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read about me.

I respectfully ask for your vote on Oct. 20th.

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Senior Citizens, children, single parents, families, homeless or not, mental illness, people with disabilities and LGBTQ .. ALL OF US


In the end that is what this Election should be about


Do we participate in a politics of DIVIDE or
Do we participate in a politics of HOPE


Hope in the face of Difficulty
Hope in the face of Uncertainty


I respectfully ask for your vote on Oct. 20th

Thank you

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Everyone has a talent and can perform.. DO NOT let that influence the way YOU vote on Oct 20th. Make this Election be about YOU the PEOPLE.. NOT about furthering Political Ambitions..

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11,000+ People live in poverty in Chilliwack of those 965 are Seniors!!!!

There are seniors eating dog food to survive....Not enough services for Seniors and certainly this city is not built for safety of our seniors..!!!!


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So hurting .. Was out on the streets tonight.. If I could help people understand what is happening and the pain and hurt out there... I will do whatever it takes..


Hurting people, just needing to feel love and a hug.. God, I don't know why God placed me in this Election.. BUT I do know I can't stop fighting...

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2 years ago

Karen de Nevers

Ms Crosbie. Well done at this evening's debate. Thoroughly impressed with the courage of told of your past... coupled with your enthusiasm for the community tasks at hand. I would encourage you to stay in the arena of politics and I believe you'd be exceptional in council. The community could do nothing but benefit from your insight as a counselor. Well done. And the best of luck. ...

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I saw something on Facebook and I wanted to make sure people knew the truth and not a whole bunch of hearsay. Because this Election should be a fair fight to the end.

Fraser Valley Labour Council endorsed Sam Waddington and have now RESCINDED their endorsement because of the situation regarding the RCMP investigation.

Not Cupe 458.. they stated it was in the best interest not to endorse any candidate and they did not participate.

I have absolutely nothing to say regarding this situation with Mr. Waddington. It is his own personal journey and I have contacted him privately stating he is in my thoughts and prayers regardless of wherever this goes.

We all go through difficult times. These times are meant to teach us lessons. They are not meant to define us. And he will rise above all of this in time.

Only he knows the truth and eventually the truth will come out.

Brigida Crosbie
Mayoral Candidate

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Keep your family and friends close. Be humble and kind. Take the time to be thankful for everything you have. You could always have more, but you could also have less.

Wishing everyone a Very Happy Thanks Giving Day!

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This SUMMER Look for " The Vigil of Hope " to travel 720 km's
along Highway 16 " The Highway of Tears "

** If you know family / friends affected by the missing / murdered along Hwy 16 or anywhere else, Please Private Message me **

Hatred spreads deep across the world and it is up to each person to represent their country and it's people as best as you can in a positive and loving way.

it’s time to RISE UP and be proactive in your efforts and heal as a community


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TODAY .... Please SHARE

Please join me and many others today in Hope B.C. to bring everyone together that is hurting over their missing / murdered family or friends...... or those affected by the opioid - fentenyl crisis.

You will have an opportunity to speak. Please make posters for your loved ones.... and bring candles.

I will see everyone this evening at 6:30 pm in the park on Wallace Street..

Today will be a day of healing .. xo

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We had a Mayoral Candidate Meeting with the Child and Youth Committee in Chilliwack.... HERE ARE THE QUESTIONS ASKED AND MY ANSWERS BELOW

1- If elected, what will you do to reduce rising vulnerability among young children in your community?

MY ANSWER: If Elected I would like to create a strong community environment that supports all children by bringing our community together and encouraging core values and quality family time to make a positive impact in the lives of our children. I also support more gender neutral parental support services.

One of the key components of my campaign is affordable housing. Right now families are spending up to 80% of their income to put a roof over their heads, and that does not leave anything left for any extra curricular activities or healthier food options, let alone a family holiday. Ultimately, by helping the parents with affordable housing that impacts the whole family with their quality of life and lowers stress levels.

We must also recognize and encourage all positive programs, preparing and encouraging our next generation.

2- At the recent Union of BC Municipalities meeting there was support for a resolution that 40% of the anticipated $ 125 million from marijuana sales tax, go to municipal governments. Anything over the $ 125 million was to be split between The Province and Municipalities. Since a prime motive for legalization, oft cited by the federal government, is to phase out the black market and reduce access and harmful impacts on youth, it makes sense that a sizeable portion of any new tax stream from marijuana, should go to prevention programs for youth. Will the candidates agree that if the City receives funds from this new tax stream, that a sizeable portion should be allocated to the not-for-profit agencies (such as Ann Davis Transition Services, Brothers Big Sisters, Pacific Community Resources, Chilliwack Youth Health Centre, Bowls of Hope, Cyrus Centre) to support their prevention focussed work in Chilliwack? If so, how much of the tax stream would they seek to dedicate and through what process?

MY ANSWER: The municipalities have asked for 40% but the province hasn’t commented let alone confirmed just yet on that.. So, we cannot plan yet on funds that have not been allotted.

If and when the province determines how much they will share with municipalities it will probably be 2020 before the municipalities see any of that.

We also do not have any stats or data of the increased costs that will be incurred to the City once Marijuana is legalized.

There is an assumption that policing and administrative costs will go up, but until it is actually legalized there is no way to be sure of how much, if any.

I am however committed to Investing in children early to ensure they develop to their full potential, investing in a healthier future

3- Are you aware of the proposed creation of a Chilliwack Youth Commission? Do you agree with the model? Chilliwack Youth Engagement Project: A Summary

MY ANSWER: Absolutely, I agree you had the best and brightest minds coming up with this plan and that they had the best interest of all children in mind when doing so… I support the work of the Chilliwack Child and Youth committee and I support the model of the Chilliwack Youth Commission. These are amazing steps forward and I am excited to see the development of children who have been and who will be a part of these services.

4- The youth in our community have limited places to socialize safely. If elected what are your ideas of creating more youth drop-in programming within our current facilities and agencies?

MY ANSWER: Our goals should be ambitious and we should be assuring community level access to the full spectrum of services.

A service that I would like to see more targeted is a program directed towards the increased opioid crisis as more and more children are being sent into foster care due to parental substance use and among these, approx 20% of poisonings involve methadone, a drug used to treat opioid addiction.

To have a better understanding of the opioid crisis On Sept 11th the U.S. lost 2,977 people when the twin towers came down. Last year in 2017 In Canada we lost 4000 people who died from the opioid crisis. That is 1023 more deaths than what was lost when the twin towers came down.

We definitely require more drop in programming specialized in this area.

I am in full support of any and all services that protect and keep our children safe and engaged and that should be a priority for any community.

I would like to see a free transportation day or two for the children / week for children to take advantage of the activities that are targeted to their age group. ex: Cheam Centre / Leisure Centre

5- This question relates to the past experiences you have in addressing an important issue in Chilliwack: Housing. We know we are experiencing a housing crisis, with increasing rents, low supply, fixed and low incomes, and a growing number of people caught in homelessness. Furthermore, we also know that the issue of homelessness disproportionately affects the indigenous community, but that the indigenous community is also amongst our strongest allies in addressing this crisis.

The question is what hands on experience do you have in addressing issues related to housing and homelessness, and in forming healthy partnerships with the indigenous community in Chilliwack; and how will this inform your agenda as Mayor?

MY ANSWER: ( I need to show people how come there are hurting adults and show children that they can rise above anything in my answer and be real !! )
As a child I grew up in Toronto with 2 other siblings. I was put into the Ontario Children’s Agency and at the age of 3 I was given back to my mother. My mother was a single mom on the welfare system. We could hardly afford food or housing.

From the age of 3 to 23 I remember having dreams of “someone” on a cross. I knew I had to be scared, but I really wasn’t. I had that dream maybe 8-10 times a year. We had never been introduced to Church, I didn’t know who was In my dream until grade 5.

We had moved beside a Catholic School and part of school was going to the Church beside it. That’s when I made the connection of who was in my dreams. The person in my dreams had become my best friend over the years and his name was Jesus.

My father was in jail on drug related charges and Violence and blood all over the walls was a huge part of my childhood. My mother wouldn’t come home for weeks and all we had to eat was flour and water or plain noodles.

High school was my way out . I became elected to Student Council as School spirit representative and that was my first experience in helping people through fundraising. I raised 2500. In pennies from a penny drive for the homeless to have Christmas Dinner.

I remember having to work 2 full time jobs at 16 years old and having to give my mother 1/2 of my paycheque. I remember we really didn't spend much time together, but there was one time she asked me if I wanted to go to McDonald's with her.. I was so excited to spend time with my mother and I agreed to go.. When we got there, she handed me money and told me to order what I wanted and that she would be back. I didn't realize the liquor store was beside McDonald's and when she came back, she sat there with me.. Drinking from her brown paper bag.

I remember in school we had to do a project on Alanon or Alateen.. I guess mine had a little too much reality in it.. And my Nursing Teachers pulled me aside.. They kept asking me if there was something I wanted to tell them and I kept saying no. Until finally I broke down and from that day forward, my Nursing teachers paid for my nursing. I always felt indebted to them and I always strived to be the best nurse and the best person I could be.

At the age of 17 I graduated from Nursing from the only high school in Canada with the Nursing program and gave my life to helping people.

At the age of 23 I was a single mom with 2 children and my daughter was diagnosed with Autism and Sotos syndrom and I had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor on my Pineal Gland. I remember crying myself to sleep and that night I had another dream of Jesus on the cross, In the morning I found a dream book and that dream MEANS NEW BEGINNINGS...

I knew then, I wasn’t my mother and I wasn’t my father and that my life was my own to live.. As I choose.. And that I didn’t need to carry that pain or anger with me anymore that I was carrying from such a traumatic childhood and that I could follow my dreams regardless of the difficult times I have been through.. and you can to !

My mother died at the age of 49 from alcohol addiction.. And my brother passed away last month from addiction to opioids... at the age of 48...

If it wasn’t for programs like what is offered through the Child and Youth Committee and if it wasn’t for School and my teachers, I don’t know where I would be today. These types of programs have changed my life and they helped me know I was more than what I had seen.. and I am 100% committed to all of the programs that are for children and their well-being.. Emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Almost nightly, I am on the streets with those that are homeless. I have taken in many and helped them get healthy I am committed to helping people as I was helped. I donate my time giving foot care to those on our streets in Chwk and in Abbotsford. I listen to their stories and we cry together and heal together. Many are homeless because of traumatic events, loss of job, personal crisis.. No rentals, no affordable housing, mental health, addictions, disabilities and abuse just to name a few reasons..

70% of women on streets are there because of domestic violence... and I was one.... Every morning I wake up and I have to put my jaw back into place and every morning I put on smile and forgive those who hurt me.

In Chwk the last 4 years.. Our homeless population has grown 203% from 2014-2017, that is 3 years.. that is faster than then our population growth in Chwk....

I believe Homelessness is a human rights issue... This is not just a federal or provincial responsibility and we must all be proactive in helping each other. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person.

WE need to deal with this now and we need NOT to continue to be a reactive City with reactive responses... We need to be a proactive City with proactive responses and this is not an opportunity to turn your cheek... this is an opportunity for REAL SOLUTIONS.!

So when you’re asking me what my “hands on” experience is regarding homelessness and housing ... My experience comes from real life. It’s not from a text book, It's not from what I think we should do for people … IT’S REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE... and sometimes, that experience and journey is far greater and more valuable in understanding what is happening and how to help rather than guessing what to do next….

AS part of my platform - we will be looking into Micro apt’s between 50-350 sqf. for affordability for seniors, young adults, low income, foreign students. Foreign students bring in 2 billion dollars into the BC Economy and 29,000 jobs… that would help our University and we should encourage it. My plan is to work with all builders from beginning to the end of the process making it a smoother experience.

We need to help our builders and we need to speed up the service level of the permits - zoning times.. In Nova Scotia it takes 16 weeks to build a quality home.. here it takes almost a year.. from beginning to end…. and that has to change…. We need to look into the DCC charges ( Developmental cost charges ) and we need to help our builders.. Because now is the time we really need them.. We need to look into incentives for home owners to build legal suites in their homes. That will help people who are financially suffering, it will help people who are looking for affordable rental units and we need creative housing that doesn’t shock our communities. we need options that achieve solutions.

While on the streets talking to those that are homeless, approx 60% are indigenous population. I believe that together we can break barriers and build bridges. To me, I don’t care who you are... I love each person on the street the same... I hold each person, I respect each person, I cry with each person, I laugh with each person.... AND I care for the safety and wellbeing of each person...

Healthy partnerships recreate our community and empower ALL PEOPLE.. I would encourage Stolo's presence in our Downtown area where homelessness is in high numbers and to work together with “ on the street outreach workers “ . In the last 3 years, indigenous homelessness has increased by over 16% ..



6- The harms of pornography to children and young people are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. Messages that children and youth learn from easily accessible, hardcore, free pornography, shape them and the culture we live in. Worldwide, pornography is now being framed as a Public Health Crisis by many governments, health, violence prevention and advocacy organizations. Given there is significant evidence indicating that pornography is linked to negative mental health outcomes for young people, sexist attitudes, sexual aggression and violence, child-on-child sexual abuse, and high-risk sexual behaviours, our question to the Mayoral candidates is:
Is protecting Chilliwack children and youth and their families from the negative effects of internet pornography in their homes and community something that you are concerned about?

What is one way you could see yourself addressing this through legislation? Would you be open to collaborating with local services to see protection implemented?

MY ANSWER: If it includes a child AND pornography of course i’m concerned.

It is important for parents and young children to be educated. I am NOT for children viewing pornography and it is certainly not my wish. They need to know that there is a risk of children encountering or becoming involved in Child pornography or grooming...

Parents need to be more aware of the risks using the internet..and use parental blocks on their computers and cell phones and monitor their child’s activities and communication. Pornography has adverse effects on a person’s sexuality and it can ruin a child’s self esteem and give unrealistic expectations.

Every child has the right to be free of violence and exploitation. We must also be aware of the signs of sexual crimes and child abuse… including preventing sexual abuse in care and to take action and report them. We need to work with parents / caregivers to discuss what kind of support they need. and we must work together as a team and act on promises made collectively.

At last count, the national sex offender registry contained 43,217 names—or about one entry for every 813 people in Canada. That means in Chilliwack and surrounding areas going by just 100,000 people for a population that would be approximately 123 Convicted Sex offenders in our City that you know nothing about and you can’t find out if you live beside one.

I could see myself addressing this through legislation by advocating for the Canadian Sex offender registry to become public because it’s founding purpose is to help police locate potential suspects who live near a crime scene, not provide parents with a printout of every convicted molester residing in the neighbourhood. I would also advocate to be made aware when a sexual offender is discharged from prison and is placed in housing in our City.

7- As the population in Chilliwack ages, how will we able to better support seniors in a way of mentorship or collaboration, interaction with youth. Could we incorporate relationships to make more green spaces, plant or art walls? For empty buildings could we lend them to youth or seniors temporarily to encourage self employment?

MY ANSWER: There are many seniors living hungry and they have never imagined themselves standing in line for a meal or surviving on one meal a day, because they could always afford to feed themselves. Until now.

Even some seniors resorting to eating Dog food to survive because it's inexpensive.

No body wants to see them and they don't want to be seen.

They are the HIDDEN HUNGRY.

As the population in Chwk ages we could support seniors by way of youth ambassadors. These ambassadors could reach out to connect with a senior in a meaningful way as well as to commit to checking in with a senior in their lives who might be struggling.

The benefits are the development of healthy attitudes towards our aging population, educational enrichment, improved self - esteem and opportunities for leadership skill development as well as the promotion of culture, heritage and history.

Dealing with rentals for seniors and low income is a priority. the building on Yale is 44 units and only 8 are low income.. 2 for wheelchairs.. and it will not be done for at least another 2 years..

I also support infrastructure projects such as more overpasses to open up more corridors for better access to the hospital by ambulance. I would like to see a City where all citizens matter including Seniors and anyone in a wheelchair or those that walk with any type of walking aid. ALL people matter!

I have always believed that seniors give us wisdom, that is something we can benefit from… especially with our youth and in self employment ..11,000 people live in poverty in Chilliwack and of those 960 are Senior Citizens 65 years of age and over!! that is 1 in every 8 people are living in poverty in Chilliwack.. and those are the ones that have come forward to say something, most do not.

Do you know one?

fabulous question.. thank you

8- In seeking funding for youth services it is easier to get ongoing money for facilities than for operational costs, specifically staffing and living wages, such as for child and youth care workers. The quality of youth outreach lies within the staff that reside within and operate these facilities.

What can Chilliwack do to ensure we have the capacity to develop programming to engage vulnerable youth?

MY ANSWER: The Child and Youth committee can advocate to the Chwk Council and Mayor for funding to support their initiatives and goals and operational costs..and we can continue to support what is already in place.

We can support young people in leading an organization and encourage them to develop efforts that nurture healthy adolescents. We could advocate for greater resource commitments and raise awareness of financial need and as a Mayoral Candidate we can start working across sectors and promoting healthy settings such as healthier cities, work places and relationships.

9- The Child and Youth Committee offers “Trauma Informed Communication” in a half-day format. Trauma Informed Communication is an approach to speaking and listening that helps us respond to others positively even in the most difficult situations. This way of communicating (also known as nonviolent communication) helps people remain empathetic with each other in situations fraught with anger or frustration. It teaches people to speak to others without blaming and to hear personal criticisms without withering.

Given that the mayor sets the tone for city council and city council sets the tone for staff and the community, would you be willing to encourage your new council to be trained in trauma-informed communication?

MY ANSWER: Yes, I would encourage new council to be trained in trauma-informed communication because it is wise to assume that trauma may play a role in people’s current life difficulties. I believe it is our responsibility and job to engage people that are respectful and sensitive. I also believe we need to ensure that our policies, procedures, activities, environment and ways that we relate and talk to each other creates a safe and trusting environment.

10- Families with children, witness on a frequent basis, users doing drugs on the main streets of Chilliwack. Do you foresee a solution to this problem? If so, what it is?

MY ANSWER: I believe that this will not be a thing of the past, however, I also believe that with a " 24 hour drop in centre " that the people that are homeless and on our streets right now will move into the centre cleaning up the streets and storefronts for business to be run properly and without fear of needles, debris or anything else. Your children will be able to enjoy the public parks again and they will be able to enjoy their schools and playgrounds. Of course, times are changing and we will always have to use caution.

In speaking with those on the streets about a drop in centre 100% of those I talked with said they would come off the streets, that they do not want to be there … This is a clear sign of meeting people where they are now, not where you want them to be and not where you think they should be and without judgement.

People will still be going to the Salvation Army for lunch and Ruth and Naomi’s for dinner, however, if those shelters are full the others will be redirected to sleep in the drop in centre. There should be a secured area for their private property so that they can lock it up and find work without fear of losing all their items…. Now, because there is a place for them to go, you can enforce the bylaws that have been set.

There should also be onsite drug usage in a secured area where staff is available that are trained in signs of overdose and will call for medical aid when needed and are trained in the injection of narcan lowering the cases of fentenyl and opioid overdose.

A shelter could have been opened 4 years ago when this became an issue.. it was a choice to leave people on the street. it was choice. people died, people burned themselves trying to stay warm in the winter, people hurt to the upmost core of their being… they were mistreated and this administration failed you !!

You can not pray on one hand and starve a man on the other. Those that have a roof over their head have a bathroom to use, those that are homeless DO NOT.!

Compassion exhaustion was allowed to run wildly ramped and so was fear for the last 4 years… and now we have angry citizens that are fed up..and a Mayoral candidate that states we should “ give them all fentenyl “ and kill them! and another Mayoral Candidate that states “ Perhaps, it was missed opportunities “ for the reason why people are on the street and homeless.

When did the system fail these people?

When they were younger in dysfunctional families, going through traumatic events.. some put into the sex trade by their own parents for money. or when they were strong enough to leave domestic violence situations.. some with their children… some by themselves…. LIKE ME… Should I have been given fentenyl?

I do a lot for this community and I have for 32 years… 32 years…

it’s time to RIDE UP and heal as a community… and it’s time to do the right thing.. in a humane way…

I am not saying give them a hand out... I am saying.. give them a hand up....

You must also trust in someone's ability to help themselves... it shows them respect and allows them to have dignity and that will happen as they begin to heal.

We are different people… I come from a place of compassion… and a deep love for people…. in my story … you understand why…. I am not a polished politician… But I don’t think that is what you are looking for this time… I feel this time and previous times the voters wanted someone that would stand up for them and their rights... and that did not happen.. Now you have someone who will!!

I am definitely about people, ALL PEOPLE… Senior citizens, disabled, those with mental illness, those with ALL levels of income…. and I do understand your frustration.. I really do… We will deal with the homeless situation in a humane way and we will keep our streets safe again… Public Safety will be number 1..

My name is Brigida Crosbie, and I respectfully ask for your vote on Oct. 20th..

Thank you for inviting me today..

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Everyone who remembers their own education remembers teachers, not methods or techniques. The teacher is the heart of the education system...

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A special thank you to Sardis Elementary school grade 5 class ( thank you for having me in your class yesterday and for my lovely gift. ) and to The University of the Fraser Valley - Agricultural Class ( thank you for having me in your class yesterday and for my lovely gift. )

What an amazing day !!
Love meeting everyone. Let’s make sure to get out and VOTE Oct 20 th

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Please join us in Hope BC Oct 6th on Wallace Street by the park ...

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2 years ago

Roxanne Nichols

Dear Brigida
I am sharing my story to bring further awareness to what Chilliwack is becoming. We have all seen the increase in homelessness and drug addiction on our streets. My hope is that there will be more action taken to prevent our town from becoming a place where we are scared to walk down the streets or simply go to the grocery store.
On Saturday, September 30th at 9:00 am, I took my three children, aged six, four and two years, to the Save on Foods in downtown Chilliwack. We took a shopping cart from the front of the store. My youngest sat in the top of the cart, and my middle child held onto the corner of the cart as we made our way to the store. When my middle child removed his hand from the cart and touched his face, he immediately told me his mouth was burning. “It’s hot! Pepper! Pepper!”, he yelled.
It occurred to me that the cart might have pepper spray or something similar on it. I ran to the front of the store, looking for something to wash his face with. I washed his face and hands with a bottle of water, and the store manager kindly brought us milk to wash his face with and for him to drink. Despite washing his face, my four year old boys face was very red, and his lips were swollen and bleeding.
While we were tending to my son, the store manager and I discussed the state of downtown. He is new to Chilliwack, and he said that he has never seem crime and homelessness like this before. When he asked if Chilliwack has always been like this, I answered: “No, but it’s getting worse every day.” And it is getting worse every day.
I filed a report with the RCMP, and I’ve since learned that my son was not the only victim of the shopping carts, which were confirmed to be pepper sprayed. I’ve also learned the downtown shopping area no longer has night security, nor does it have security cameras that could tell us more about what led to this.
I’m not sure what circumstances led to those carts being pepper sprayed, perhaps it was the result of an altercation or perhaps it was a malicious joke. What I do know is that something like this doesn’t happen in a safe town, and I know that I never want to see any of my children in pain like that again.
Chilliwack needs help. Every day I see mentally ill and high people causing scenes. My children have witnessed people shooting up and urinating in public, and on top of that my son was harmed. This is not normal. This is not okay. The situation in Chilliwack needs to be addressed for the good of all Chilliwack citizens, homeless and addicts included.
We need resources to help the people on our streets. I’m not sure what the answer is, but perhaps we can look to other countries who have successfully addressed their homelessness and drug problems. Finland and Portugal spring to mind. In the meantime, we need better security in the downtown area to keep all citizens safe. What will it take to make change happen?
Roxanne Nichols, concerned mother and Chilliwack citizen

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At the purple light display for domestic violence month starting October 1st.
Bringing awareness to a very serious situation… Do you have your purple light?

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